Friday, September 9, 2011

Foodie Swag From Obama's 2012 Campaign

Hot donation: @BarackObama urges you to purchase the $35 "Fired Up Ready To Grill" apron...
President Obama's official Twitter account is today highlighting a cute bit of foodie swag to raise funds for the 2012 re-election effort. In a message posted to Twitter, @BarackObama encouraged supporters to purchase a $35 blue apron featuring the phrases "Fired Up" and "Ready to Grill," surrounding a graphic of a barbecue that's on fire.

"Fired up, ready to grill? Get our 2012 apron for your next tailgate or BBQ," tweeted @BarackObama.

For those unfamiliar with Obama phrases, it's a play on "Fired Up? Ready to Go!," a slogan created for Campaign 2008 that's being put to good use for Round 2. Of course supporters can donate more than the $35 cost of the apron.

In case it's unclear how to use the apron, Obama for America is also featuring the photo, above, of a model wearing the swag in a "latest news" bit on their website. The model doesn't seem to be cooking anything but air, however.

The Obama 2012 "Made in America" Birther mugs that campaign staff claimed were a limited edition--available for a short time only--are still for sale, too.

New foodie swag from the 2012 Democratic National Convention was unveiled on Tuesday.

Related: The Dinner with Barack II sweepstakes is still accepting entries, even though the names of the four lucky winners of the first dinner have still not been announced.

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