Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sam Kass Gives Kitchen Garden Tours For Local TV Affiliates

The White House on Tuesday rolled out the red carpet for anchors from ten local TV affiliates, who were invited for "Live at the White House," a day with special access to President Obama and top Administration officials, including Cabinet Secretaries, designed to tout the jobs bill. Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass gave each anchor a tour of First Lady Obama's Kitchen Garden. Jeremy Campbell of Fox 13 News, KSAZ in Tampa Bay, Florida, posted this video report. There are more below.

Fox News outlets have in general given Mrs. Obama's Let's Move! campaign negative reviews since its launch in 2010. But the platinum White House treatment--which included the rare opportunity for a brief sit-down with President Obama, lunch, and an indoor tour of the White House--seems to have worked its magic: The report is glowing and enthusiastic.

WCCO-TV’s Amelia Santaniello, of the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, Minnesota, posted this video of her tour with Kass, which included the Beehive. She said on screen that many people may not know about Mrs. Obama's globally famous garden.

"The White House gave me the chance to talk with the chef, and see a side of the South Lawn you might not know about," Santaniello said.

Anchor Brian Taff of WPVI TV, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia, PA, didn't do a video report, instead posting the photo above, of his Kitchen Garden tour, as well as a host of other low-res photos taken inside the White House. Kass is visible at left in the white coat; Mrs. Obama's Press Secretary, Hannah August, is in the center.

*Fox News Video, ABC photo

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