Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Hampshire Lunch: President Obama Stops At Julien's Corner Kitchen In Manchester

Ahead of tax-break speech, an eat n' meet with "a middle class family"...
Back on American soil for less than 48 hours after his whirlwind tour of the Asia Pacific, President Obama was already heading out of Washington, DC on Tuesday morning. He took part in a favorite road ritual: En route to a speech at Central High School in Manchester, New Hampshire, President Obama stopped at Julien's Corner Kitchen for a planned lunch meeting with the Corkery family. The cozy, casual corner restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, pool reported, and is also located in Manchester. (Above: The President, the Corkery family, and their very low-cal meal)

According to a White House backgrounder about the 11:35 AM meeting, the President sat down with the Corkery family to discuss "the importance of extending and expanding the payroll tax cut that has given tax breaks to millions of families across the country this year," the subject of his speech at the high school. Chris Corkery, the father, has taught math at Central High for twelve years, and he is a retired Colonel, serving 26 years in the US Army. His wife Kathy, a small business owner, and their two sons, Andrew and Nicholas, were also at the lunch, which looks to have been extremely low calorie.

Mr. Corkery introduced the President at Central High School, where he was greeted by an audience of more than 1,200 as he warned Congress that failing to act on the tax cut "will hurt middle-class Americans."

The press pool was escorted into the restaurant to listen in on the beginning of President Obama's conversation with the Corkerys, which lasted 20 minutes.

"Although it was difficult to hear with music playing in the background, Mr. Obama could be overheard discussing Mr. Corkery's military service and his wife's role in supporting him during difficult times. The young children (roughly age 4 and 5) greeted Obama warmly," pool reported.

The President's motorcade was off and heading for the high school at 11:52 AM. Pool failed to report on what or if the President actually dined.

Info: Julien's Corner Kitchen is at 150 Bridge St, Manchester, NH 03104. Phone: (603)

*Photos by AP/pool

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