Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baracktoberfest Beer: President Obama Gets Sudsy Homage At St. Louis Fundraiser

Toasting the future: Donors drop $25,000 for Presidential beer & pizza...
Well-heeled guests paid at least $25,000 each to have pizza and beer with President Obama at a fundraiser in St. Louis on Tuesday night. But it was special beer: Hosts Tom and Robin Carnahan served Baracktoberfest, made by local brewery Schlafly Beer. It's a reddish-amber lager that was originally created for Campaign 2008, and was offered from a poolside bar to the 45 guests who were intent on paying Mr. Obama's way to four more years in the White House. (Above: The label of the brew)

The pizza was special too: It was from St. Louis' Pi Pizza, which President Obama fell in love with on the 2008 campaign trail--so much so that he invited the pizza masters to visit the White House in 2009.

Shlafly Beer, a small-batch brewery founded in 1991, made a batch of their special beer just for Tuesday's event. On Tuesday, Shlafly tweeted: "Spent yesterday hand-making @Schlafly #Baracktoberfest bottles for @BarackObama dinner in #STL!"

The brewery used Candidate Obama's campaign themes--hope and change--for its description of Baracktoberfest during the 2008 race: "This full bodied, deep reddish-amber lager is strong and malty with a distinctly hopeful aftertaste. Traditionally brewed in Match for the Oktoberfest in the fall, this style is also known as Märzen. Embrace change and enjoy a delicious Baracktoberfest!"

The company also created "Palin Ale," "McCain's Maverick APA," and "Hefebiden Delaware Wheat" for the 2008 election season.

President Obama now enjoys the best private-label homebrew in America, but the White House chefs have not yet had the audacity to name their hoppy creations with any kind of pun on their boss' name.

The President paced before a "grand fireplace" in the elegant home as he spoke to guests in the crowded dining room for about ten minutes, according to pool. Host Tom Carnahan's brother is US Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO).

"I know you guys have a little pull with at least one congressman named Carnahan," Mr. Obama joked, as he urged his supporters to put pressure on Congress to pass his jobs bill.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Obama attended two fundraisers in Dallas, and one in St. Louis at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, with about 300 supporters and tickets priced at $250. He was heckled by people asking if he "would stop the pipeline." Outside the hotel, the President was faced with a local branch of Occupy Wall Street. (Above: A long shot of the label)

On Tuesday afternoon, the President also managed to work in a visit to the Lab School at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas, where he talked about education reform and made a classroom visit.

The President returned to the White House on Tuesday night.

*Photos from STL Hops

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