Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Lady Obama Makes Second Twitter Video

Critics are utilizing the #AskMichelle hashtag...
The White House has released a 15-second video that features First Lady Obama saying "hello" to followers of the @Letsmove Twitter account, and thanking them for their tweets. A similar video was also released for Facebook fans. On Oct. 4, the White House announced that Twitter and Facebook followers could query Mrs. Obama about the Let's Move! campaign, using the hashtag #AskMichelle. Mrs. Obama has not yet responded to any questions, but the new video sets the record for shortest video released by the White House, beating the 24-second video the White House released on Oct. 6.

That video featured the First Lady greeting the 17 Twitter followers invited to the first-ever Let's Move! Tweetup, which took place on Oct. 5, during the 2011 Fall Harvest of Mrs. Obama's Kitchen Garden. #AskMichelle is actually getting negative response on Twitter, being tweet-mobbed by Mrs. Obama's critics. Some examples:

" Moochie, what burns more calories? Doin' the Dougie or butting in to the nation's refrigerators? #Ask Michelle"
" Is there anything that you consider to be wretched excess and/or sanctimonious hypocrisy?"

" Give us a fucking break. Would ya? Btw, can't wait til ur XL ass is evicted."

" Has a New Goal In Life To Break Guinness World Record For Number Of Ppl Doing Jumping Jacks. How much is that gonna cost Us?"

" You may be doing jumping jacks now, but I'll be doing cartwheels when you're gone from the Whitehouse.

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