Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vice President Biden, Gentleman

The State Visit Arrival Ceremony was a bit of a madhouse thanks to the rain in Washington today. The plus side: Vice President Joe Biden had a moment of chivalry.

Hundreds of guests were on the South Lawn for the ceremony, which was canceled for public viewing and moved indoors.  But then a decision was made to hold it outdoors after all, after the rain let up. But by the time everything was re-organized, it was once again raining, and those who didn't have umbrellas were getting soaked awaiting the arrival of President Lee. In a chivalrous move, Biden left his position in the ceremonial line, and walked across the South Lawn to offer his umbrella to a woman sitting in a wheelchair, her casted leg wrapped in a plastic bag.

The woman declined the Vice President's offer, but it was a very nice gesture.

*Photo by Alex Berliner for Obama Foodorama

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