Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Foodie Swag From Obama 2012: Drink Coasters; Biden Can Holder; Grill Spatula

$10 for coaster set; $10 for the can holder; $40 for the spatula...
Being touted as a fundraiser by @BarackObama today: New Obama 2012 drink coasters. They're available in sets of six for a minimum donation of $10, and feature photos of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden with the 2012 logo. It's a swell companion to other new foodie swag being offered by the campaign. (Above: The drink coaster set)

"Our new #Obama2012 coasters let you have drinks with President Obama and @VP Biden anytime you want," tweeted @BarackObama, with this link to the donation page.

There's also the Joe Biden Can Holder available, featuring a photo of the Vice President, and the words "Cheers Champ." The insulated can cozy is available for a $10 minimum donation.

It would probably be a record-breaking seller if the phrase on the can holder read "This is a big *&%$#@* deal!"

"Need to keep your soda cold? The Vice President's got you covered. Literally. Our Joe Biden can holder is made in the USA," notes OFA.

Another new item: The $40 Grill Spatula, which features the Campaign 2012 logo cut into the metal scraper. It's the perfect accessory to use with the Fired Up, Ready to Grill apron the Campaign previously unveiled for sale.

"They've got sturdy wooden handles and an Obama 2012 logo etched into the metal. Made in the USA," notes OFA.

That's a pricy spatula, but it's a pricey campaign...

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