Wednesday, August 17, 2011

President Obama's Wednesday Bus Tour Schedule: Town Halls In Atkinson & Alpha, Illinois

Home state love for last day of rural tour: President visits a genetically engineered corn seed facility, and an agritourism farm...

After spending the night in Davenport, Iowa, today President Obama travels to his home state, Illinois, for the last leg of his three-day rural bus tour. He will hold a town hall meeting at 11:45 AM at Wyffels Hybrids Production Facility in Atkinson. Wyffels is a regional hybrid seed corn company that develops, produces, and markets high-performance corn hybrids. The President visited Seed Saver's Exchange, an heirloom seed bank in Decorah, Iowa, for a town hall on Monday, and he's now giving equal time to genetically engineered crops, in keeping with his Administration's focus on "coexistence." (Above: During Campaign 2008, Obama was depicted in corn mazes)

In the afternoon, the President will travel to Alpha, Illinois and hold a town hall meeting at Country Corner Farm at 3:30 PM. The farm is known for its fifty acres of produce and annual holiday corn maze. It bills itself as "a Full Service AgriTourism Farm Market." One component of the White House Rural Council Report, "Jobs And Economic Security For Rural America," focuses on tourism opportunities in rural areas, as a way of boosting local economies.

Both events will be livestreamed at

In the evening, at 7:00 PM, the President will return to Washington, DC, departing from Peoria International Airport. The President begins a ten-day vacation to Martha's Vineyard on Thursday.

*Photo is a Tennessee corn maze of the Mr. Obama in 2008; GOP co-candidate John McCain has been cropped out.

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