Thursday, August 18, 2011

GOP Launches Obama Vacation Postcard Site

The Republican National Committee today unveiled, a website is designed to criticize President Obama's nine-day vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Users/enraged citizens can send e-postcards to pals featuring photos of the President with what are meant to be amusing but critical slogans. More than 23,000 cards had been e-mailed by this morning.

There are 18 different postcards, two featuring photos of the President with shave ice. The site also features a plea for donations to the RNC. The organization earlier this week launched a web campaign to criticize President Obama's rural bus tour.

The slogan on the postcard at top references the Slurpee Summit, a non-event from November 2010, following the mid-term elections. President Obama's standard stump speech had included a complicated story that bashed GOP candidates as Slurpee drinkers. 7-Eleven was thrilled with the attention to its signature drink after a reporter asked the President if there would be a bipartisan Slurpee Summit to mend fences when the election was over. The company launched a national Summit bus tour, driving a trailer across the US handing out free Slurpees. An offer of installing Slurpee machines at the White House was turned down by aides, and no summit happened.

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