Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Illinois: A Special Pie For President Obama

Local chef bakes the President a Coconut Cream Pie, monitored by White House staff; "One of my favorites," President says...

President Obama's three-day bus tour through the heartland has had plenty of foodie action, and it continued today. Speaking at a town hall in Atkinson, Ill, the President apologized to Lisa Brants, chef/owner of Lisa's Place. The eatery on US Highway 6 had no business, thanks to road closures for the President's event. The Secret Service, President Obama said, was trying to make amends by "eating up everything in the place." But Brants had no hard feelings, apparently, because she baked President Obama a special Coconut Cream Pie. (Above: The President at Wyffels)

After thanking Brants for being understanding, the President, from the podium at Wyffels Hybrids, asked about his treat.

"I hear there's a pie for me," President Obama said. "What kind is it?"

When Brants responded from the audience that it was Coconut Cream--and a cinnamon roll was also included--the President smiled with delight.

"I'm very excited about that," the pie-loving President said, to laughter. "Coconut Cream is one of my favorites."

White House staff were in Lisa's Place to monitor Brants as she did the pie making, according to one of Brants' employees; not Secret Service agents, but White House staffers, insisted the employee. Coconut Cream is the top selling pie at Lisa's Place, according to the employee; they move about 21 out the door each week.

The President's other bus tour pie...

Brants' Coconut Cream is the second the President has had in the heartland: On Monday, he stopped at the Coffee Mill Restaurant in Zumbrota, MN, and ordered five kinds of pie--including one whole Coconut Cream pie. Pies are served at every White House holiday, and three kinds of fruit pie were on offer at the President's 50th birthday shindig, too. The Eater in Chief is a major pie fan, so much so that he's nicknamed White House Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses, the king of pies, "The Crustmaster." (Above: The President hands off his pie to bodyman Reggie Love outside the Coffee Mill)

*Second photo by Getty

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