Tuesday, August 16, 2011

President Obama's Iowa Ice Cream Run

An "unannounced stop" at DeWitt Dairy Treats, for soft serve cones with senior aides...

Fresh from his Rural Economic Forum in Peosta, Iowa, President Obama on Tuesday afternoon made an "unannounced stop" in Dewitt, jumping off his big black tour bus for soft-serve ice cream at Dewitt Dairy Treats. He was joined by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Senior Advisor Nancy Ann DeParle, and Press Secretary Jay Carney. (Above: Greeting future voters)

The President chatted up a few folks who were gathered next to the ice cream shop, then walked up to the glass window and ordered ice cream for his staff. He offered treats to the press pool, all of whom, as usual, declined. DeParle had vanilla, while Carney had strawberry, the flavor of the day.

In total, the President ordered two chocolates, one vanilla, and one strawberry, all cones, and then he was indecisive about what he would have for himself -- but only for a moment.

"What other flavors do you have?" President Obama asked the ice cream maven at the window.

Mulling it over, he said, "I'll have a vanilla."

Signs on the window read "All orders are individually prepared" and "Thank you for not smoking." (Above, from l: Carney, Vilsack and DeParle)

The President greeted the crowd outside the ice cream shop while holding his ice cream cone in his left hand - which, despite being out in the hot sun, did not appear to be melting.

"I got to make sure I have a little," he said before having a bite of ice cream as he worked the

small rope line.

Then it was back onto the bus, and off to another "unannounced" stop: Popcorn and souvenirs in LeClaire. The President is loving his bus.

Earlier, the President visited a local high school, surprising a girls' volleyball team as they practiced in the gym. Monday's Presidential treat du jour was five kinds of Minnesota pie. (Above: The President gets back on the bus, surrounded by his security detail)

Info: Dewitt Dairy Treats is at 401 11th Street, De Witt, IA 52742. Phone: (563) 659-5521.

*AP photos

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