Friday, July 29, 2011

Sam Kass Honored With "Cutting Edge Award"

American Culinary Federation lauds Kass for his work on child nutrition initiatives...
White House Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass has a new feather for his toque: This week, he was honored with the Cutting Edge Award from the American Culinary Federation. President Michael Ty presented Kass with the award on Sunday night during a gala at the organization's annual National Convention, held in Dallas, Texas. Ty hailed Kass' work on child nutrition initiatives as he gave the award, which is a symbolic knife. (Above: Kass and Ty with the award)

On Monday, Kass gave the keynote speech to the group, and spoke about First Lady Obama's Let's Move! campaign.  He also served as the emcee and a judge for the national cookoff for Mrs. Obama's Recipes for Healthy Kids Challenge, a contest for school teams to create recipes for the National School Lunch Program. (Kass during his remarks, above)

“Our nation is spending $150 billion a year on treating obesity-related diseases, and obesity is now the No. 1 disqualification for the military,” Kass said. “Our success as a nation will not be successful without the help of chefs.”

Kass is the mastermind behind the Let's Move! component Chefs Move to Schools, which marries professional chefs to their local schools, and encouraged the chefs to get involved, as well as adopt USDA's MyPlate icon as a guide for their meals. Many ACF chefs have signed on for Chefs Move, and members from regional chapters shared their success stories after Kass' keynote. Kass has spent much time lately spreading the word about MyPlate.

Kass' award presentation and a brief interview with him begins at 2:04 in this ACF video from the Convention:

*Videos and photos from American Culinary Federation

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