Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama Writes This Blog?

Obama Foodorama exhaustively covers First Lady Michelle Obama's food initiatives, but the subway-style "Greater Food Culture" map, above, created by food industry PR firm HartmanSalt, is the first time anyone has publicly credited Mrs. Obama with actually penning this archive.

The map is intended to "serve as a snapshot of the main actors, techniques, values and ideas representing today’s culinary zeitgeist," and Mrs. Obama's stop is on the "education" line, between a bevy of food and Ag legends, including author Michael Pollan, chef Rachel Ray, chef Dan Barber, urban Ag genius Will Allen, chef Alice Waters, and chef/author Mark Bittman. Interestingly, all have visited the White House in some capacity--as have many others listed on the map.

The biographical blurbs on the map "pop out" when the cursor is held over them, and Mrs. Obama's blurb is the only one that seems to both contain misinformation and be translated from a foreign tongue. It's a pity, because the map is otherwise a terrific graphic, despite the glaring omission of Senior Policy Advisor For Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass. The idea that the very busy First Lady pens this blog is pretty funny, but she will be publishing a book about the White House Kitchen Garden in April of 2012, written with the help of a ghostwriter. (Above: Click on the map and it will enlarge and be readable)

*Map by HartmanSalt; thanks to Elizabeth Auerbach of ElizbethOnFood.com for the heads-up

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