Friday, July 22, 2011

In Paris, "L'Obama" At Pink Flamingo Pizza

French pie notes President's home state, Hawaii... 
President Obama has visited France a number of times since talking office; most recently he was in Deauville in May, for the G8 summit, hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. In Paris, the President is being remembered in pizza. Los Angeles Times restaurant critic S. Irene Virbila reports that she recently enjoyed "The Obama" during a trip to the City of Lights. The Obama Foodie Homage is a regular menu item at Pink Flamingo Pizza, a popular eatery in the 10th arrondissement. It's called L'Obama, of course. (Above: Virbila's L'Obama pizza)

The Obama Pizza includes "bacon and pineapple chutney (for Hawaii) on top," Virbila noted, and it is on a thin crust made with organic flour and sel de Guérande, "good sea salt." She dubbed the combination "fun." President Obama is popular in France, and apparently the pizza makers aren't birthers, since they accurately honor the President's birthplace. (Above: The President and Sarkozy)

"Looking for a budget meal in Paris? This is it," Virbila wrote.

Pink Flamingo Pizza delivered The Obama Pizza to a picnic Virbila attended at Canal St. Martin, which she said is "standard practice." The pizzeria offers other homage pizzas: "La Basquiat," "Le Che," and "L'Ho Chi Minh," all of which have ingredients inspired by their namesakes.

Info: Pink Flamingo Pizza, 7 rue Bichat, 10th arrondissement, Paris; 011-33/1-42-02-31-70; Métro Jacques Bonsergent.

*Photo by S. Irene Virbila /Los Angeles Times

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